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About us

What we are

We are a team of innovative business experts gathered from different corners of the world. We create and maintain online platforms and social networks, bringing quality products to the most fun niches in the world.

What we do

We create engaging websites and applications, from concept to finished product.

With collaborators from all over the world, we approach our websites’ niches from a global and diverse perspective, aiming to be competitive in an international market.

Web development

We create and maintain web applications that use the most advanced technologies like notification systems, payment services, realtime chat and video stream. The technology that we use is always the newest on the actual market.

Marketing & advertising

We apply strategic marketing plans to the following: Graphic design, Social media, Email Marketing and Media Buying in order to reach the target audience.

Client services & support

We have a dedicated 24/7 Support Team, always on-hand to help resolve questions or issues that might arise from our customers. We are focused on offering personalized solutions and immediate assistance.


If we’ve sparked your interest and you’re thinking about joining our team of experts, check out the positions we currently have open and send us your resume.


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